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A Global Movement

Giving circles are kickstarting a new era of philanthropy where individuals give together to make social change happen

A giving circle brings a group of people with shared values together to collectively discuss and decide where to make a pooled gift. Giving circles support with their dollars, but also build awareness, volunteer, become board members and more. Individuals multiply their impact and knowledge, have fun, and connect with their local community.

People are coming together around the world to create the change they want to see in the world. Giving circles are a growing global movement with more than 2,500 active circles around the world giving intentionally and thoughtfully. Giving circles are a modern form of collective giving with roots in cultures across the globe for many decades!

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Components of a Giving Circle

Photo: East Bay Latina Giving Circle


Gather a group of friends, family, co-workers, and/or community members


Discuss the vision and values that motivate you to give and see commonality within your group


Pool your funds and decide where to give based on your values


Give your pooled donation — your individual gift is multiplied by the power of the group!


Engage beyond your gift — with your membership and with organizations you support for multiplied impact

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Giving Circle Spotlights

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Women's Giving Circle of Howard County responds to COVID-19

Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County

Giving circles all over the country are using their unique strengths as a collective giving network to support their local communities in light of COVID-19. The Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County (WGC) is taking action right now to support their community in Maryland.

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