Do you feel confident in where you are redistributing resources?

Thinking back to your past giving cycles, do you:

  • Give often to urgent requests, but aren’t really sure if any of it was effective?

  • Create a plan years ago, but it’s been collecting dust as life got in the way?

  • Or perhaps you don’t even know where to begin, stuck in the paralysis of analysis or overwhelm that comes with thinking about the money!

If any of those sound like you, we have great news!

Sarah DeLuca of Move Money Shift Power is partnering with Philanthropy Together to host a workshop for members of collective giving groups on how to Create a Social Justice Giving Plan. Join us on Thursday, March 14 at 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT!

Through this session, participants will:

  • Ground themselves in the philanthropic landscape, including who gives and where they give

  • Deepen their understanding of what it means to move money within a social justice context

  • Walk through the process of creating an overall vision and plan, including a template which can be used for their group’s planning process

  • Define clear next steps to move money for justice

Following the session, you’ll receive access to a giving plan template created by Sarah DeLuca — just for collective giving groups!

Whether you are giving $500 or $5 million away each year, we can all be more intentional, thoughtful, and strategic in the process. It’s not going to be perfect, but we can stretch and evolve our giving plans together.

Meet Your Facilitator

Sarah DeLuca is a Money and Philanthropy Coach with Move Money Shift Power where she focuses on social change philanthropy with individuals, families, and foundations.

Sarah began her social justice career working in documentary filmmaking in LA, but quickly realized she wanted to be more deeply involved in activism. She spent a decade working for social justice non-profits, building grassroots movements and raising millions of dollars. In addition to honing her organizing and fundraising skills there, Sarah developed her critical analysis of corporate power and systemic change. In 2018, she opened Move Money, Shift Power. There, she works directly with funders who want to move wealth and power to grassroots movements, and heal their relationship to money.

She is a Capricorn and an 8 on the Enneagram, making her a BOSS lady, lover of spreadsheets and helping others “get shit done!”

She and her husband live on the North Shore of Massachusetts with their dog, Freddie Mercury.