Cloé Mandujano

Marketing Intern
Cloé Mandujano Headshot

Cloé Mandujano is a passionate sociologist and philosopher. Her research has been focused on well-being and on the role of communications and social media in our society. She has previously worked in the Development Ministry in Mexico and with non-profit organizations coordinating programs, applying and researching new methodologies to help innovate the design of the social programs; and in social policy and communication strategies.

Her professional and academic experiences have given her a strong understanding of global challenges, whether it is from a social, economical or interdisciplinary perspective, as well as the selection of reliable sources to analyze or exchange information.

Being a proud Franco-Mexican, she loves languages, travelling and has a personal renovation project in Mexico City.

When she is not working or developing her project, you can find her playing with her two dogs or discovering new food venues in Mexico City with her friends.