Adriana Loson-Ceballos


Dr. Adriana Loson-Ceballos is a seasoned evaluation, research, and fundraising consultant. Adriana co-founded Colmena-Consulting, a radical cooperative of consultants with marginalized identities and social justice values working with philanthropic organizations to move resources to communities in alignment with their institutional values and commitments. Drawing from her passion for collective action and shifting power, Adriana works to: systematize and synthesize organizational learning, facilitate stakeholder engagement in strategic design and evaluations, and conduct values-aligned data collection and analysis.

With a background spanning over a decade in fundraising, Adriana brings a unique lens to her work, having been deeply involved on both sides of the philanthropic exchange of funds. This ability to straddle the border of the movement of resources helps her bring grantee voices into decision-making spaces within philanthropy. Adriana’s commitment to collective action is evident in her roles as an embedded evaluator for Philanthropy Together and her recent participatory evaluations of initiatives like the LatinXCEL Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Latino Giving Circle Network at the Latino Community Foundation. Her approach to evaluation and research is participatory and rooted in critical theories, centering community voices often overlooked in decision-making processes.

Drawing from her transnational background and experiences within a Latino immigrant family, Adriana champions collective philanthropy, believing in its power to effect positive change. Her doctoral dissertation, completed in 2022, focused on Latino giving circles, employing an emancipatory research paradigm to explore their impact on well-being and civic engagement. And in 2024, she released a national research report, In Abundance: An Analysis of the Thriving Landscape of Collective Giving in the U.S., done in partnership with the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Philanthropy Together, and Colmena-Consulting. Her doctoral research on Latino giving circles and national research on collective giving both exemplify her dedication to understanding and amplifying marginalized voices in philanthropy, reflecting her broader commitment to reshaping philanthropic practices for greater social impact. Adriana has pursued graduate degrees in human rights and leadership studies, fueling her research on philanthropy and social movements among Latino communities across the Americas.

Additionally, Adriana volunteers her time on global philanthropy boards, including the Women’s Funding Network where she is the Chair of the Nominations Committee and Board Secretary and Social Venture Partners International where she is Co-Chair of the Board. Her board services further her mission to promote social justice and empowerment on a global scale and to engage her philanthropy (5Ts, Time, Treasure, Talent, Testimony, and Ties).

Based on the US-Mexico border, Adriana’s passion for social justice and community empowerment continues to drive her efforts in reshaping philanthropic practices for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.