Want to start a giving circle, but not sure how?

This toolkit is a step-by-step guide to help you launch one in your community.





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Membership & Leadership

Giving is not just about money! Hear examples on how collective giving groups can go beyond the dollar to support their community.

Equity & Social Justice

Sudha Nandagopal of Social Venture Partners International and Seiji Carpenter of Radfund discuss what it means to share and build power, and how giving circles can be a vehicle for change.

Watch as Desha Bymers-Davis of 100+ Women Who Care Tucson and Avani Desai of 100 Women Strong as they share an overview on their giving circles, how they give to their community, and manage gifts.

Watch as Shiree Teng, Developmental Evaluation Consultant and Amber Gonzales-Vargas of the Latino Community Foundation as they discuss how facilitators can navigate a group meeting and resolve conflict by centering relationships.

Equity & Social Justice

Let’s unpack what’s at the heart of trust-based philanthropy. Hear from philanthropy leaders as they share their personal experiences of relationship-building in the field.

Looking for ways to boost your membership engagement at meetings? Check out these tips for ways to facilitate an engaging meeting and encourage your members to show up!

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