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Embed a commitment to equity and justice in all aspects of your collective giving work

Addressing injustices in our giving circles and in our communities is complex, challenging, yet necessary work — and we need each other to keep learning and growing, wherever we are in our journeys.

The Equity and Justice in Collective Giving Webinar Series offers monthly content to explore themes that deepen our field’s shared commitment to equity.


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May 2023 - August 2023


The world we live in can be a traumatic one. The systems we are surrounded by often push us all to divorce ourselves from our humanity. To survive, we are often asked to ignore the wounds and continue on as if everything is “normal”. Throughout history we have seen this time and time again. These moments when we turn away from our humanity – ignoring the systemic and historic harm done to our communities take a toll on all of us and maintains the cycle of harm and oppression.

This season, we invite you to press the pause button and take time to heal. Inspired by the work of bell hooks’ book All About Love, Prentis Hemphill, and Edgar Villanueva’s Decolonizing Wealth, this season will create a space for participants to reflect deeply on what needs healing within them and through their giving. We hope this will be a spark that will ultimately inspire you to begin to craft a healing practice that you can call on to root your giving even deeper in the social justice values you hold.

Want to dig deeper with a smaller community? In addition to our monthly public Equity and Justice in Collective Giving webinars, we offer a closed Community of Practice discussion space for those seeking to dig deeper into the material and connect with those also working to further align themselves with equity and justice. We ask that those who sign up commit to attending at least 2 of the 3 1-hour discussions so we can build strong relationships. Sign up here by May 31.

Healing is Love

Wednesday, May 31 at 3:30PM – 5PM ET / 12:30PM – 2PM PT

In this session, we’ll explore how we face and accept our bright and shadow sides more fully, more deeply and more honestly, as many of us have been harmed and have caused harm. We challenge ourselves into more wholeness by facing our grief and pain so that we may minimize hurting our pain unconsciously toward others.

We’ll each reflect on where we each are on the 12 dimensions of love, distinguish between ways to self-sooth and radically self-love as a rigorous and demanding constant practice, and explore how setting firm and clear boundaries is a practice that enables each of us to love ourselves and love each other in community.

The emphasis is on positive actions that we can do to ready ourselves and then practice love+power to bring more harmony to our own healing journey.

Presented by Shiree Teng, Developmental Evaluation Consultant

Healing and Money in Practice

Wednesday, June 28 at 3:30PM – 5PM ET / 12:30PM – 2PM PT

Join facilitator and community builder Nafasi Ferrell as we dig into the relationship between money, healing, and racial and economic equity. In this engaging session Nafasi will guide us through reflections on healing and using our giving as a tool for transformation and social justice. Come ready to reflect and begin to build a healing practice centered on your collective giving.

Nafasi is the founder Narratives Unbound LLC, a Consulting and Education Company dedicated to advancing racial and economic equity through financial coaching, community workshops and wealth redistribution. Additionally she is a Financial Coach certified in the Trauma of Money Method (TOM) where she proudly serves on faculty as a Racial Wealth Gap Educator and facilitator of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Affinity Spaces.

Presented by Nafasi Ferrell, Narratives Unbound

Healing and Empowerment in Action

Wednesday, August 2 at 3:30PM – 5PM ET / 12:30PM – 2PM PT

In this session, members of the Kindle Project Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund (IWFF) will share their experience within the participatory grantmaking/flow funding space. Through collective conversations, they will explore how participatory grantmaking models can be a site of empowerment, healing, and community-building. Join us as we learn from their wisdom of building and practicing decolonized people-powered giving models.

IWFF is an Indigenous-led grantmaking program that nourishes community-sourced initiatives and offers solutions and alternatives to systems in crisis. Grounded in trust-based philanthropic approaches, IWFF brings together five Indigenous women from across the United States, for a three-year period, to be decision-makers over grantmaking dollars and shape the program according to their vision.

Presented by The Kindle Project’s Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund

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Past Webinars

January - April 2023 | Power

Shifting Power by Letting It Go: Practicing Explicit Equity in Giving Circle Decisions

Tuesday, January 31 at 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT

Building Power with Black Girls, Femmes, and Gender-Expansive Youth for Just and Liberated Futures

Wednesday, February 22 at 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT

The Power of Embracing Failure

Wednesday, March 29 at 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT

16 Years of Reimagining Power

Wednesday, April 19 at 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT

October - December 2022 | In Right Relation: Rooting Ourselves in Relationship to Each Other

Our commitment to equity and justice

Philanthropy Together is committed to putting equity and justice at the core of all of our work. As part of our mission to support the work of existing giving circles and strengthen the movement of collective giving, we are dedicated to enabling giving circles to embed and advance equity within their work.

Although the road is long, we believe we all have the ability to practice a lifelong commitment to equity. To do so, we must collectively share in the responsibility to continue on a journey towards liberation.

In our collective giving movement, we look to upend white supremacist colonial structures that have used philanthropy to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of few, and elevate the deep wisdom and experience of community-based and collective philanthropy.

Our Racial Equity Community of Practice launched in 2020, in partnership with Community Investment Network and CommunityBuild Ventures, convening giving circle leaders looking to deepen their commitment and practice of racial equity through webinars and small group discussions. With our fall 2022 relaunch, we encourage collective giving groups to think deeply about how they can be equitable in all aspects of giving.

A special thank you to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for their support of the Equity and Justice in Collective Giving Webinar Series and Community of Practice!