Racial Equity Community of Practice with CommunityBuild Ventures Community Investment Network and Philanthropy Together
Open Forum Facilitators gather during the Racial Equity Community of Practice

Community of Practice

Embed a commitment to racial equity in all aspects of your giving circle work

Addressing race and racism in our giving circles and in our communities is complex, challenging, yet necessary work — and we need each other to keep learning and growing, wherever we are in our journeys.


Our Racial Equity Community of Practice serves as an ongoing, active learning space for giving circle members who are interested and working on embedding a commitment to racial equity in all aspects of their giving circle work, from group culture to grantmaking practices.

Members of the Racial Equity Community of Practice gain access to monthly live sessions, recorded webinars, online facilitated discussions, and curated resources and tools. Importantly, members can discuss and connect with others on the same journey toward racial equity commitment and practice. There is no cost to participate.


Our Racial Equity Community of Practice launched in 2020, in partnership with Community Investment Network and CommunityBuild Ventures, convening giving circle leaders looking to deepen their commitment and practice of racial equity through webinars and small group discussions.


A special thank you to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for their support of the Racial Equity Community of Practice!

By joining, you’ll connect with other giving circle leaders working to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of racial equity, its origins, and present-day impacts
  • Have opportunities for self-reflection and awareness
  • Learn how to discuss race constructively
  • Understand how to engage and support community initiatives
  • Develop embedded processes to advance racial equity in all aspects of their giving circle work, from grantmaking to membership to group culture
  • Create short and long term equity goals and strategies
  • Apply adaptable and actionable steps to support their giving circle’s short and long term efforts for racial equity
  • Identify and take action on roles that giving circles can play to support racial equity policies, programs, and services in their local communities

Upcoming Live Sessions:

Want to attend and gain access to recordings for all upcoming Racial Equity Community of Practice sessions? Please complete the sign-up form below.

Trust-Based Philanthropy, What it is and Isn’t
Led by Pia Infante of Whitman Institute and Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

Thursday, March 17
3:30 PM – 5 PM ET / 12:30 PM – 2 PM PT

Join us as we learn the ins and outs of Trust-Based Philanthropy and expand our understanding of it’s definition. Facilitated by Pia Infante of The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, this session will go beyond grantmaking to explore the 4 dimensions of Trust-Based Philanthropy. Participants will gain valuable tools not only to shift their grantmaking but also their giving circle’s overall culture.

This Place Works – The Power of Place-Based Funding in Racial Repair
Led by Leila Tamari of This Place Works

Thursday, April 21
3:30 PM – 5 PM ET / 12:30 PM – 2 PM PT

Through personal contemplation and storytelling, we will explore how place-based giving circles can support racial justice. Learn about the unique benefits and challenges that place-based giving provides, and what leadership looks like in this space.

Join the Racial Equity Community of Practice

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Re-defining Community Outreach, Transformation over Transaction Diversifying Your Base and the Value of People Over Product
Led by Deborah Harris of D.Y. Harris Consulting Inc.

Foundations for Addressing Conflict & Harm: Developing Humanizing Relationships & Spaces
Led by Nadia Brigham and Beca Velázquez-Publes of Brigham Consulting, LLC

It’s Hard But Not That Hard: Taking Your First Steps to Embracing Racial Equity as a Process and Outcome in Your Giving Circle
Led by Lisa McGill of LM Strategies Consulting

Why? Defining Your Racial Equity Purpose & Motivation
Led by Nadia Brigham and Beca Velázquez-Publes of Brigham Consulting, LLC

Our commitment to racial equity

Philanthropy Together is committed to putting racial equity at the core of all of our work. As part of our mission to support the work of existing giving circles and strengthen the movement of collective giving, we are dedicated to enabling giving circles to embed and advance racial equity within their work.

Although the road is long, we believe we all have the ability to practice a lifelong commitment to racial equity. To do so, we must collectively share in the responsibility to continue on a journey towards liberation.

In our collective giving movement, we look to upend white supremacist colonial structures that have used philanthropy to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of few, and elevate the deep wisdom and experience of community-based and collective philanthropy.

Read more about Philanthropy Together’s commitment to racial equity.

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