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With more than 2,000 giving circles around the world, there’s sure to be a group doing great work to support your community!

Philanthropy Together, in partnership with our friends at Grapevine (a technology platform to manage giving circles), has just launched the first-ever global giving circle directory!

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You care. You want to make a difference. Why not join forces with people who also want to show up for their community for multiplied impact?

Join Launchpad and get all the tools and confidence you need to start. Launchpad is a virtual, interactive leadership training program to help you launch your giving circle.

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You and your giving circle are not alone. Philanthropy Together is building a global community and developing powerful resources to help you strengthen the work you’re doing with your circle and in your community.

Communities of Practice bring giving circle leaders with shared challenges together to help each other learn, grow and overcome.

Have questions? Join the community forum and connect.

Find COVID-19 Resources


Times are tough. As you adapt how you’re supporting your community and how your circle gathers, here are resources from the field to help your giving circle tackle some common challenges.

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