Philanthropy Together is capturing a growing global movement and photos of the individuals who make up this movement are critical to our work. Photos and video recordings help create a sense of community and help display the faces of our community. We use photo, video and audio recordings to enhance the quality of our print and digital marketing materials, as well as to provide reference materials to further educate the collective giving field.

As a participant in Philanthropy Together meetings and events, you consent, waive all rights to royalties and release Philanthropy Together of any liability. You agree to your likeness used, published or reproduced in any and all media which can be used, now or in the future, for any purpose by or in connection with Philanthropy Together. Philanthropy Together does not contact individuals to notify them if or when their likeness is used.

Philanthropy Together will never post images with identifying information such as name, email address, address, or family members’ names without express permission. 

You have a right to opt out of inclusion in photographs/media. To do so, you must complete a “Media Opt-Out Form” and include a reference image of the person opting out. Individuals who have submitted a completed “Media Opt-Out Form” should endeavor to alert virtual meeting hosts and photographers should they see someone in their vicinity taking pictures, so that they are not accidentally captured in crowd shots. To receive a copy of this form, please email us at

This opt-out form does not apply to photos that may be taken and used by others who attend Philanthropy Together meetings and events.