Giving Circles in the Media

Student Philanthropy Programs Provide Donation Opportunities

“I think everyone’s involved with philanthropy already to some extent, whether they’re helping a neighbor, they’re listening to a friend. There’s many ways to be philanthropic, but I think it’s important, because at the root of it, ‘philanthropy’ means ‘love of humanity.’ And it’s how we can care for others.”

Source: Valpo Torch

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A Local Leader Calls for Investment in Black Women-led Nonprofits

“I am grateful for my years working in community organizing because it has expanded my understanding of how systemic racism and patriarchy contributed to my past work experiences in predominantly white female spaces… This is also why my giving circle chose to prioritize membership and financial investment for Black women.”

Source: Philanthropy Women
Photo: Akilah Wallace

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Three Innovative Approaches To Workplace Giving

“While small in numbers, Legacy Collective is taking advantage of research that has shown that donors who participate in giving circles – in which individuals pool their money and decide collectively how to distribute it – give more than other donors, give more strategically and give to a greater number of organizations.”

Source: Forbes

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The 2021 Black Women Give Back List

“Philanthropists are people who leverage their time, talent, treasure, testimony and ties to make the world a better place. Black women in particular lead through generosity in ways that aren’t always visible or acknowledged.”

Source: The Root
Photo: Marsha Morgan, Immediate Past Chair of Community Investment Network and Founding Member of Birmingham Change Fund

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#SpotlightOnCLT: Giving Black Matters

“NGAAP is eager to see Charlotte’s Black organizations leading differently — a change that will require uprooting longstanding belief systems, power dynamics and funding practices.”

Source: Share Charlotte
Photo: June 2020 protest against injustice, Charlotte, NC
Photo Credit: Valaida Fullwood

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Photo of Hmong American woman at St. Paul's Farmer Market

Lee’s Olympic achievement adds to long history of Hmong American women breaking barriers

“…Each and every family member pooled their meager individual resources into a communal fund – in effect, a giving circle – that would be redistributed in ways to enable their children to make their way into this new society: to learn English, obtain an education, get entry-level jobs, and otherwise find on-ramps into the American economic mainstream.”

Source: The Kresge Foundation
Photo: A Hmong American woman at St. Paul Farmer’s Market
Photo Credit: Maury Landsman

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Project W Awards $60K in Grants to Delco Non-profits

“Twenty organizations applied for the 2021 grant cycle. Grants are awarded in three focus areas: health, education and family. Project W members use their collective, yet diverse, perspectives and experiences to decide how to allocate their collective dollars. . ”

Source: Daily Times
Photo: Scott Arboretum’s Mari and Mandie Banks

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Jubilation, reflection mark Juneteenth rally in Pittsfield

“Black joy does matter,” said Allard, echoing the words on a sign someone held at the rally. “Graduates, you matter. You are our ancestors wildest dreams. You are creating new dreams, and we are so proud of you.”

Source: The Berkshire Eagle
Photo: Shirley Edgerton hugs Sadiya Quetti-Goodson after presenting her with a college stipend from the Women of Color Giving Circle during the first celebration of Juneteenth as an official federal holiday at Park Square in Pittsfield.
Credit: Stephanie Zollshan — The Berkshire Eagle

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Giving Circle Inspires Philanthropists

“Being a member of the giving circle has helped close a gap of information between adults in the community and people working on social justice projects within the community. ”

Source: YS News Staff
Photo: clockwise from top left, Alex Melamed and Allison Paul, Angie Hsu and Matan Mazursky, Ann Poortinga, Mark Ewalt with daughter Willa and Zoey Bryant

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Community philanthropy during a pandemic

” Giving Circles can reduce the administrative burden for existing non-profits, or help raise funds for a local family struggling with an illness or other significant problems, such as a house fire or storm damage.”

Source: The North Star Monthly
Photo Credit: The Giving Project

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The Great Unmasking

” If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it is that we have more to fear from our inhibitions than from our vulnerabilities.”

Source: The New York Times
Photo Credit: Damon Winter

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Giving While Muslim

“We believe if the philanthropic community as a whole doesn’t take a stand now, minority and marginalized communities will continue to suffer.”

Source: Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Photo: Muhi Khwaja

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RCCF Launches Women’s Giving Circle

“The Women’s Giving Circle Committee picked a theme based around the hardships, or “lemons,” our communities have faced in 2020. We’ve been taught that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”
Source: Daily News
Photo Credit: Ripley County Community Foundation

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Dru Roessle: Giving Circles Are One Way We Can Change The World

“I learned that anyone can start or participate in a giving circle, they can choose to focus on anything, and the work can unfold in a hundred different ways. The heart of a giving circle is to empower ourselves and one another to play a role in building the world we think is possible. ”

Source: VT Digger
Photo Credit: Inside Philanthropy

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Photo from PxHere

Can Giving Circles Democratize Philanthropy?

“Giving circles, Vargas added, allow for participatory philanthropy since everyone has a vote in the gift-making process. Now, academic research is confirming that the giving circle movement may represent a way to bring greater democracy and diversity into the practice of philanthropy.”

Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

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Fundraising Group Gives $10,000 to Unity

““People ask do we stop at 100 members, and the answer is no. We’re glad to grow and give more than $10,000 to deserving local nonprofits.” ”

Source: Gazette-Times
Photo: The Corvallis chapter of 100 People Who Care presents a check for $10,200 to Unity Shelter

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Making the Right Call

“By joining a giving circle, I am connected to like-minded people who are purposeful and passionate about addressing disparities in the African American community.”

Source: Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Photo: Tony Brothers, Founding member of Visionaries for Change Giving Circle

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The Power of 100 Women

“Seeing all of these organizations turn their dream initiatives into funded realities for the communities they serve has personally impacted me in ways I never even imagined.”

Source: Herald-Tribune
Photo: Jane Watt Impact 100 SRQ

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Liberty Giving Circle Continues Aiding Nonprofits

“The nonprofit aims to eliminate substandard housing and deplorable living conditions; create a safer living environment by improving accessibility.”

Source: Courier Tribune
Photo: Debbie Feldhaus and Dianne Ferrell, Co- Founders of Liberty Giving Circle and Clay McQuerry, Rebuilding Together’s executive director

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Giving Tips Before Year-End

Dianne Chipps Bailey, Managing Director, National Philanthropy Strategy Executive Philanthropic Solutions at Bank of America, shares year-end giving strategies, and thoughts on how to address the pandemic and racial justice issues.

Source: Barron’s Live

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Sharing Power to Unlock Collective Giving Growth and Systems Change

“As philanthropy leaders adapt to this moment, we must help those awakened by these crises stay engaged for the long-term. Large philanthropy, specifically large foundations, need to embrace innovative models, donor networks, and intermediary organizations that encourage sustained and deeper levels of engagement.”

Source: Philanthropy Women
Photo: Sudha Nandagopal, CEO of Social Venture Partners International

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HERitage Giving Fund Founding Chair Akilah Wallace

Giving Circles Do The Heavy Lifting for Individuals and Companies That Want to Maximize Their Impact

“There’s a longstanding gender gap in funding between organizations run by men, serving men or a broad population, and those run by women, serving a female population… less than 2% of philanthropic giving across the world is given to missions that support women and girls.”

Source: Dallas Morning News
Photo: Akilah Wallace, Founding Chair of HERitage Giving Fund
Photo Credit: Gbadebo

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H100 Giving Circle Leadership Team

H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation Awards $125,000 in Grants

“The needs of Latinas have been heavily impacted by this year’s pandemic. We know that the path out of poverty and despair is through empowerment and education. At the H100 Latina Giving Circle, we are helping to pave the way to a brighter future. We are grateful to our donors who are creating multi-generational hope and helping to fuel the dreams of many Latinas.”

Source: People Newspapers
Photo: H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation

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Sara Lomelin Executive Director at Philanthropy Together at April 2019 Convening

The Growing Charitable Movement That’s Raised a Billion Dollars

“When one person makes a donation to a nonprofit, they can make a difference for one organization. Now imagine that you gathered with a group of friends, relatives, colleagues pooling resources, sharing ideas and expertise to make a much larger collective impact in your community.”

Source: Nonprofits are Messy Podcast
Photo: Executive Director Sara Lomelin at Philanthropy Together Convening in April 2019
Photo Credit: Bruce Tom, Gates Archive

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Philanthropy Together's Launchpad Incubator for individuals who want to start a giving circle - Summer cohort

New Effort Spawns Dozens of Giving Circles, as Interest and Diversity Grows

“With giving circles around the country reporting surging interest, this effort and Glenn’s graduating class [of Launchpadders] offer a window into the changing face of giving circles, the dynamics that are driving more people to them, and the potential for COVID-19 to birth a new generation of virtual groups.”

Source: Inside Philanthropy
Photo: The inaugural cohort of Launchpad participants

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Full-Circle Support

“Even though the median net worth of white Americans is about 10 times that of Black Americans, Black people give about the same percentage of their income to causes they care about.”

Source: The Philadelphia Citizen

Photo: Philadelphia Public School Giving Circle

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Sara Lomelin during Women's Philanthropy Institute live Q&A in June 2020

How Giving Circles Diversify Philanthropy

“For too long, philanthropy has been seen as an exclusive club. Yet today, our country is experiencing a drastic reckoning… Who is called a philanthropist?”

Source: Philanthropy Women
Photo: Executive Director Sara Lomelin during the Live Q&A with Women’s Philanthropy Institute

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Women’s Collective Giving: Expanding Power

“Dining for Women prides itself on their significant number of repeat donors. Members are engaged, educating themselves about the grantees and the issues–all highly desired attributes by fundraisers.”

Source: Philanthropy Women
Photo: Beth Ellen Hollimon, Executive Director of Dining for Women

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Wall Street Journal spotlight giving circles

What’s Behind the Surge in Giving Circles

“Giving circles are active in all 50 states, though the structure and level of donor commitment among groups can vary. Some circles meet informally a few times a year over dinner, while others are far more structured and may even be registered charities with sizable donation minimums and a volunteer commitment.”

Source: Wall Street Journal
Photo: San Diego Latina Giving Circle
Photo Credit: Adriana Loson-Ceballos

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Philadelphia Inquirer spotlights giving circle

Want to Help Thousands of People But Don’t Have the Rockefeller Bucks to Do It? Join a Giving Circle.

“There is tremendous anxiety out there about social inequality and how stratified our society is. People want to do something about it,” says David Callahan. “Giving circles create structure for people with shared values to learn about the causes they care about and support them while creating community.”

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
Photo: Philadelphia Black Giving Circle

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Hali Lee of Asian Women's Giving Circle featured in New York Times article

When It’s Time for Giving, Some People Circle Around

“The Asian Women Giving Circle, founded by Hali Lee in 2005 to support arts and cultural projects led by Asian-American women, takes a different approach. This 25-member group has a minimum $2,500 annual contribution; each member can raise those funds or donate them herself. The gatherings aim to create bonds among members and help develop deeper community connections.”

Source: New York Times
Photo: Hali Lee, Found of Asian Women Giving Circle
Photo Credit: Kholood Eid for The New York Times

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