November 28, 2023

Through both our work in the field of philanthropy and in our personal lives, the Philanthropy Together team is constantly inspired by the powerful role that small, local-led nonprofits play in supporting their communities.

Join us in giving back this GivingTuesday by supporting some of the nonprofits that our team members hold close to their hearts. We are proud to stand with everyday givers around the world in raising awareness & support for nonprofits that are helping make the world a better place.

Every act of support, no matter how small, can make a meaningful impact – whether it’s a donation, volunteering time, or spreading the word. Together we can raise more money and awareness for the incredible work of nonprofits in our communities this GivingTuesday and beyond.

Nonprofits to Support this GivingTuesday and Beyond

Ilyasah N Shabazz
North Carolina

Nourish International
Nourish International holds a special place in my heart because it is how I was introduced to the nonprofit sector and developed many skills that have followed me in my career. Nourish International is committed to equipping college students with leadership skills and self-awareness by teaching them about entrepreneurship and service. Throughout the school year, high school and college chapters work together to launch ventures and generate revenue that is then fully donated to a community partner over the summer, along with a gift of time as the chapter volunteers to complete a project. They currently have eight chapters and are always open to new chapters launching!

Learn more about Nourish International here

Kelsey Barowich
Boston, MA

Boston Ujima Project
I would love to uplift the Boston Ujima Project. Their mission and work is to create real solutions to the racial wealth gap, poverty, unemployment, and displacement in Boston. They run the first-ever democratically led investment fund. Democratic and member-run, they work to build cooperative economic infrastructure in Boston with the mission to return wealth to working-class communities of color.

Learn more about Boston Ujima Project here

Melissa Vargas
New York City

EVLoves NYC is a volunteer-run nonprofit founded by a few friends during COVID that has grown over the years and now prepares thousands of hot meals weekly for the five boroughs across NYC. EVLoves was my first introduction to volunteering in the city and I love their approach of partnering with the already existing ecosystem of other local organizations that know the communities best in order to most meaningfully and impactfully distribute the meals. Their work is guided by a mutual aid framework and they work with 75+ churches, mosques, community fridges, and mutual aid groups across the city.

Learn more about EVLoves NYC here

Sara Lomelin
Bay Area, CA

ALAS (Ayudando Latinos a Soñar)
As some of you know, I love ALAS, they are a community-based organization in Half Moon Bay, CA that gives wraparound services to the farmworking communities around. All of their training and services are rooted in culture and justice. They support mental health from children to seniors in an environment that is loving and culturally relevant.

Learn more about Alas here

Tyeshia “Ty” Wilson
Dallas, TX

Beyond the Ball
Beyond the Ball is my org! BTB is a local, Black woman-owned nonprofit in Dallas run by my good friend Erica Molett. They do amazing work supporting Gen Z boys of color, for success beyond the game through STEM, career exploration, and sports. From industry mentorship to basketball stem camps, they expose youth to careers beyond the ball through immersive experiences with professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and more. My son is very involved in their programs and was recently nominated for the True Athlete Project Global Mentoring Programme.

Learn more about Beyond the Ball here


Toolkit for Giving Circles

GivingTuesday is a generosity movement with an emphasis on garnering support for local communities around the world. On November 30, millions of people will make donations, lend voices, and volunteer time. Whether you’re part of a giving circle or want to get involved with one, you can maximize your impact this GivingTuesday.

Giving circles are exploding in popularity as friends, family, neighbors and co-workers come together to make social change and have fun while doing it!

In your GivingTuesday Toolkit for Giving Circles, you’ll find email templates and sample social media messages to help you and your giving circle:

  • Host a virtual pop-up giving circle meeting for your members;
  • Create a giving circle showcase fund and amplify the work of your grantees;
  • Lead a community conversation on issues your members care about;
  • and much more!