Whiskey-themed organization seeking educational grant applicants to benefit children

Whiskey and Wishes gave more than a $100,000 to local nonprofits in 2021. One of the recipients was the Northern Kentucky Education Council.It used the funds to support its One-to-One program, where community members learn to be dedicated mentors to students in nearly two dozen Northern Kentucky Schools.

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Giving Circles Provide Way for Women to Engage in Philanthropy

Philanthropy groups are pointing out a big gap in donations toward groups focused on women’s and girls’ issues during Women’s History Month this year. According to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, less than 2% of philanthropic dollars go to such organizations, but a different model for giving could help fill the gap. Giving circles are a collective philanthropy model where people pool their resources and decide which causes to support.

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To Build Power Where It Matters Most, We Must Go To The Source: Political Dollars

After all, so much has changed since then. What sets Black folks in 2022 apart from the trials and tribulations our predecessors faced in 1870, 1919 and even 1965 is that we’ve reached the highest echelons of society. We are college graduates, scientists, diplomats, astronauts, billionaires and even an American president.

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Webinar recap: How to engage employees during the Great Resignation

With more than 60 years of experience, Global Impact has honed and implemented employee engagement strategies across the private and public sector. To discuss this pressing issue, we brought together four of our partners – PepsiCo, Cisco, Philanthropy Together and Grapevine – for a webinar about modern giving tools and unique approaches for increasing engagement.

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Personal Experiences Shape High-Net-Worth BIPOC Donors

High-net-worth Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) donors reported median annual giving levels of $87,500, with more than 30% giving $300,000-plus, according to a new study. The main recipients of their largesse include education-focused nonprofits, which were mentioned by nearly two-thirds (65%) of the 113 individuals interviewed.

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Philanthropy in everyday life: WKKF staff and community giving

This February, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Black affinity group, Mizizi, honors the centuries-long tradition of community giving and mutual aid within Black communities. Their stories highlight how, for many of our staff members, philanthropy is a commitment and personal practice that extends well beyond the workday and is rooted in both Black history and family tradition.

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Local Organizations Earn More Than $165,000 In Grants

The foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle awarded grants totaling more than $50,000, and the foundation also recently gave out $115,340 in Community Impact grants to 15 different organizations. According to the foundation, the Women’s Giving Circle “seeks to empower through philanthropy by making strategic, researched-based grants supporting projects serving women and girls.”

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