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Philanthropy Together is a global initiative, co-created by hundreds of collective giving leaders, to scale and strengthen a growing movement. We’re on a mission to diversify and democratize philanthropy.

Collective giving shifts who gives, how we give, and ultimately what gets funded. This practice strengthens community ties, provides the space to practice democracy, and increases civic engagement—together these are crucial to building a thriving multiracial democracy that underpins all the other issues of building an equitable world. Join the movement today!

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“Giving by, for, and with the communities we represent is the future of philanthropy and each and every one of us belong in this movement.”

“Community-led collaboratives are the BRIDGE between the people who want to do good with their money, and the people on-the-ground with the experience to do it.”

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Collective giving is growing in popularity and Philanthropy Together is proud to serve as a connector for this budding field.

Our community calendar is a field-wide calendar that features programs, meetings, conferences and more. Any collective giving group or network can submit events to be added to this calendar. Click here to complete an event submission form.

We also want to highlight stories of impact. Are you having a record year in membership? Just awarded your first grant? Organized a volunteer day? Tell us about it! Your stories will inspire other to join the movement. Click here to tell us your story.

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